Why M-TEL?

Dear Parents:
Choosing the right school for your child can be a very daunting task, especially when there are many schools to choose from. Below are some of the key features which make M-TEL unique.  As always, parents are welcome to visit our school and tour our facilities so that you can better decide whether or not M-TEL is the right school for your child or not.
Key Features:

  1. Canadian Curriculum
    We follow the curriculum from Ontario, Canada.
  2. Technology Enhanced Learning
    Given today’s students are 21st century digital learners, a lot of our teachings are done using the aid of technology.
  3. Smart Board
    From time to time, lessons will be conducted on the Smart Board, which is an interactive white board that will sure capture the students interest and keep them engage for the whole period.
  4. Character Education
    At MTEL, we do not just teach our students academic subjects, we also teach them how to be a good human being (i.e. to show kindness, respect, compassion etc…) 
  5. Certified Foreign Teachers
    All of our teachers are foreigners who come from Native English Speaking countries.  In time, your child will be able to speak and communicate in English with an accent akin to Native English Speakers.
  6. Caring staff
    All of our staff have one common goal in mind, which is to serve and help every student achieve success, whether it be academic or otherwise. Every effort will be made to support your child in their journey of learning.
  7. Purposely built building
    Our school is currently housed in a 12 storey high modern building, owned by the school.  Hence, we are committed to serving your child for the years to come.
  8. Spacious classrooms
    There are four classrooms per floor.  Each classroom is about twice the size of average school size.  Hence, there are a lot of room for your child to move around.
  9. Low student to teacher ratio
    The maximum size of any class is 20.  We are committed to keeping a low students to teacher ratio of 5 to 1.  For every five students, there is one adult.
  10. Greater student to teacher interaction
    Due to the low students to teacher ratio, each student is able to get greater attention and support from the teacher in order to achieve success.