Currently there are 193 countries that are members of United Nations. And Oct 24th is the United Nation Day. Our teachers took the opportunity to show our young learners a […]

តើផ្លែចេកដែលត្រាំក្នុងទឹកដែលមានលាយជាមួយនឹងមេនំបុ័ង នឹងរលួយលឿនជាង ឬយឺតជាងផ្លែចេក ដែលត្រាំក្នុងទឹកដែលមិនបានបន្ថែមសារធាតុអ្វីចូល? Does food exposed to yeast decompose at a different rate than food that isn’t? One of the topics in our Grade 7 Science is about Understanding […]

Today is World Teacher’s Day! We thank all teachers for your hard work and playing such an important role in shaping children’s education. To show their appreciation, students prepared a […]