Our Programs

At M-TEL, we offer a variety of programs for parents to choose from.  Each program is designed to help children build on their prior knowledge and experiences, form concepts, acquire foundational skills, and form positive attitudes to learning as they begin to develop their goals for lifelong learning.

Our Programs

1. English Kindergarten (Half Day & Full Day)

This program is a child-centered, developmentally appropriate, integrated half day program for three to five year old children.
The purpose of the program is to establish a strong foundation for learning in the early years, and to do so in a safe and caring
play-based environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of all children.

2. English Primary – Grade 1 to 7

This program follows the curriculum from Ontario, Canada.  It covers the four key subject areas: English, Math, Science and
Social Studies.  The curriculum-based units are designed to ensure that your child understands the concepts and masters
the necessary skills.  With vivid illustrations and interesting activities, your child would find learning in this program both fun
and rewarding.

3. Khmer Primary – Grade 1 to 8

This program follows the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport of the Kingdom of Cambodia.  We utilize modern technologies for teaching and along with field trips and practical applications to ensure students’ learning.

4. Chinese

We offer Chinese as an extracurricular subject for parents who wish to have their child study Mandarin. This program is a 12 level course aimed at helping student to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skill.

5. Summer Enrichment (August)

School Stops for Summer – Learning Never Should!

This program is designed to help prepare your child for the new school year by reviewing basic skills that were taught in the
grade they are leaving and introducing them to basic skills they will learn in the grade ahead. Subjects include reading, writing,
math, and language arts, with bonus activities that focus on character development and healthy lifestyles.  The activities are
designed specifically for young children with grade-appropriate exercises that focus on the most important classroom skills.

Prevent Summer Learning Loss!!!

Give your child the head start they deserve by enrolling in our SEP and make learning a yearlong adventure.