Closed Campus Policy

M-TEL operates a closed campus. This means that all students are required to stay at school at all time during the school day.  No child may leave the property with another person or by arrangements other than those made at time of enrollment, unless parents notify the school in advance in writing.  To ensure a safe, comfortable environment, visitors are asked to identify themselves at reception and wear a visitor’s tag while in the school.

Uniform Policy

M-TEL is a uniform school.  The purpose is two-fold: (1) to ensure the safety of students and (2) to create a sense of community.  All students are expected to be in clean and proper school uniform when they arrive at the school.  Students who are not in uniform will not be allowed to attend their class until they have dealt with by the school administration.  Upon first offence, student will be given a verbal warning and the parents will be called.  This will be also recorded in the student record.  If the student repeats again, he/she will be sent home to get change.  Parents will be asked to come to school to pick up the student.

Attendance Policy

At M-TEL, students are expected to attend every day that the school is in session.  Any absence not related to illness will be considered as unexcused.  Attendance is taken during the first 15 minutes of class and the administration is notified of absentees.  If a student misses more than 20 days of school in one academic year, he/she may be required to repeat the year.

Student Tardiness Policy

Students who are late must go directly to the main office to get a late slip to be admitted into class upon arriving at the school.  Repeated lateness will result in detention or other consequences.

Library Policy

  1. Students can check out maximum 2 books.
  2. Maximum check out day is 7 days.
  3. If the student wants to keep a book more than 7 days, he/she has to bring the book back to the library and check out again.
  4. If the student does not bring back the book on time, he/she will be fined with 1000 riel per day.
  5. If the student does not bring the book back within 14 days, he/she will lose the privilege for 100 days.
  6. Students will be fined 1000 riel for damaging book cover or book ID sticker.
  7. If the student lose the book,  he/she has to buy a new book or pay for its current replacement cost plus 4000R.

Food Policy

Students are allowed to bring in small snacks from home to eat during break times.  However, they should be properly wrapped and peanut free for allergy purpose.  The school canteen also sells healthy snacks (i.e. juice, fruits) for a small charge.  No students may eat while walking through the school hallways, in the playground or class.  During break time, food and drinks are permitted at the canteen area, but not in the playground or hallway.