Information for Parents

At M-TEL, we hope that families will share in the education of their sons and daughters. This partnership provides students with the opportunity to attain their personal goals and prepare them to become contributing members of our society.

We expect parents to:

  •  Take an active role in monitoring homework, uniform, attendance, behavior, community and volunteer service;
  • Have an active interest in communication with the school;
  •  Respond to reports;
  • Attend Parents’ Nights;
  • Show an active interest through involvement and attendance at school functions.

Upon arrival at the school, students are not allowed into the closed school area before 7:45 am in the morning or 1:45 pm in the afternoon, unless they have an appointment with a teacher and have written permission. On duty staff start working at 7:30 a.m. M-TEL does not accept any responsibility for the children who comes to school before 7:30.

Parents should be prompt when collecting children after school. The school does not provide “a baby-sitting” service.  While picking up their children, guardian must show his/her pick up card to the on duty security guard.  Parents who forget their pick-up card will be asked to proceed to the receptionist where they will provide proof of their identity.  Once confirmed, a temporary permission paper will be issued to show to the on duty security guard. The person will be asked to fill a form and sign it.Children who use school bus will be collected from their class by the appropriate school bus assignee.

Parents /Guardians are required to call the school before 8:00 am or 2:00 pm. if their child will be absent or tardy. The parent/guardian will be contacted if the absence has not been reported. M-TEL does not accept any responsibility if the whereabouts of the child cannot be determined through a phone call to the home or the emergency number supplied by the parent/guardian. This system allows prompt action to be taken should a child fail to arrive at school.

For the safety of the students, at no time is any student of M-TEL to leave the school grounds during the school day without a parent or guardian picking them up at the school. Please try to schedule appointments outside of the school day. Taking children out of school early disrupts the educational process and is inconvenient for everyone involved. The school highly discourages this practice. Students who must leave campus during the school day must have permission that has been approved by the administration and parental permission has been provided. This permission must be directed to the main office and must come in the way of a written parental request or parental consent via telephone call.

Students should stay at home when they are ill, even if they want to come, particularly if they are coughing or having fever. It is better for them and fair to the other students. A written excuse should be given to the homeroom teacher upon return. The school should be advised of infectious diseases via telephone. In the case of infection, all parents will be informed of possible symptoms to watch for. Students taking antibiotics should stay at home until the treatment is completed, unless a note from the doctor gives permission for the student to attend to school. Please note that no medication can be administered by class teachers.  Should a student have an accident at school, the school will administer first aid. If the people in charge believe the student should be seen by a doctor, student’s parent will be called.

Please make sure that the school is immediately notified of changes in telephone numbers. Please make sure that the school have your mobile telephone number and a reliable emergency number. With this number, the school should be able to reach a responsible adult that you nominate to act on your behalf should we be unable to reach you.


School Forms
* Medication Form
* Extended Students Absence Form (English + Khmer)
* Parents Suggestion Form