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Let’s hear Panha’s message to his Dad on Father’s Day. Great job Panha!

សិស្សវ៉ាល់ឡឺរីណារៀនថ្នាក់ទី២ ច្រៀងចម្រៀងគ្រួសាររីករាយ មេរៀនទី៥០។

Our JK student, Mao Kimden is reading the word family -et. He is also able to read the short story in the homework sheet. Keep up the great work, Kimden!
Thank you Kimden’s dad for your guidance at home.

Yaleap is in the Preschool class. He is reciting the words that begin with letter Ss. Fantastic job Yaleap! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Panhasak is reciting the words that begin with the letter Tt.

Panha and his dad are having a bonding time through spelling activity. Panha can spell words with digraphs independently. Great memory skills Panha!
On behalf of the teachers and staff at M-TEL, we salute all the parents who always exert extra effort in helping the kids learn their lessons at home.

Panhareach is blending the two-letter words ‘i’. Very good job Panhareach! Keep up this good study habit and more practice, you will become a strong reader and speller!
Thank you Pahareach’s mom for her guidance in teaching him at home.