The school year at M-TEL consists of 3 terms.
For Kindergarten program, it begins in August and ends in July with approximately 10 days term break between each term.
For English and Khmer primary and secondary program, it begins in September and ends in July the same as Kindergarten. During the 1.5 months break, we also host Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) for the English and Khmer Primary and Secondary grades, which starts from beginning of August to end of August.
We accept enrolements through out the year.

Admissions Criteria

We will review all registrations for enrolment according to our admission criteria, which include:
– Age of the student
– Assessment test/English Language Proficiency test
– Class size

Summer Enrichment Program, Kindergarten Program and Primary School Program are based on both the
age of the student followed by the assessment test.

General English Program is based on the English Language Proficiency test.

Age of the student

Please provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport with their registration form.

  Age of the Student in September Grade
2 Nursery
3 Preschool
4  Junior Kindergarten
5 Senior Kindergarten
6 Grade 1
7 Grade 2
8 Grade 3
9 Grade 4
10 Grade 5

Assessment test/English Language Proficiency test

All registered students who are over the age 6 will be asked to undertake an assessment test to determine
their level of English language proficiency. The school will make the final decision based on both the test
result and their age.

Class Size

M-TEL limits our number of students to 20 per class. Should we receive an application for entry to a class,
which is already full, we will place the child’s name on the waiting list for that class, providing the registration
fee has been paid.

Admissions Procedure

  1. All parents must complete the Registration Form
  2. Parents return the completed Registration Form to school with the registration fee and
    the proof of child’s date of birth and nationality (photocopy of passport/birth certificate).
    If the parents want to have a copy of the registration form, they can come to school or write
    or phone the office for a copy sent.
  3. The school will review the Registration Form according to the admission criteria
  4. The parents and student(s) will have a meeting with the school coordinator,
    if the student is age 6 and over and English is a second language, the student will be asked to
    take M-TEL’s assessment test to determine his/her English proficiency. The assessment test is scheduled
    on the Saturday every week.
  5. The school coordinator will discuss with the principal regarding the test result. The principal
    may meet with the parents and student then make a final decision as to offer an admission to the student.
  6. Parents meet with the school coordinator to discuss about tuition fee schedules and any additional costs.
  7. If the class is full, the student will be put in the waiting list and will be contacted as soon as the place
    becomes available.
  8. If the class is not full, parents should read the Fee Policy and schedule carefully before filling the Enrollment form.
  9. Parents return the completed Enrollment form with the enrollment fee.
  10. The principal will agree on a date to which student may begin classes when their enrollment form and
    fees have been received.