About M-TEL

School Profile:

M-TEL International School is an English private school located in the heart of Phnom Penh, near Chenla Theater. We first opened our door to the public in July 2012. Our mission is to prepare young children with high standard of education while utilizing modern technology that will engage students in the learning process.  We teach a traditional curriculum from Ontario, Canada while placing a dual emphasis on both practical and theoretical learning.

At M-TEL, children will not only learn from books but also by using technology.  We are committed to providing students
with an educational experience that will allow them to excel academically.  We strive to create an environment where each
and every student is given the attention necessary to achieve his/her individual success.

School Mission:

  • To provide an excellent education, through high expectations of academic achievement and caring individual support, to enable students to learn, to grow, and to become responsible, productive and contributing members of the global community.
  • To develop the whole person by fostering self-worth and love of learning through a diversified curriculum promoting intellectual, physical and emotional growth.
  • To develop in our students respect and concern for themselves and for others with the confidence and integrity to meet challenges.

At M-TEL, we value

  • Each and every student
  • A strong education system
  • A partnership of students, schools, family and community
  • The uniqueness and diversity of our students and our community
  • The commitment and skills of our staff
  • Equity, innovation, accountability, and accessibility
  • Learning environments that are safe, nurturing, positive, and respectful

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