Parents Testimonials

Several parents have had very positive things to say about M-TEL International School after having their children enrolled here. Here is one of them from a proud mom whom her son will be moving to SK this new school year. Her son has started with us since Preschool and he has always been the most well-behaved one in his class. We look forward to teaching your precious one for many more years to come, Mrs. Phoumith!

Here is a video testimonial from one of our SK parents at our Recognition and Graduation Day. Thank you to Mrs. Visakha for your positive feedback. We will continue to deliver the best quality of education and care for your daughter and all other M-TEL students.

Here is another video testimonial from yet another proud M-TEL parent whose two children, one in Kindergarten and one in Khmer Primary, both graduated this year from their respective program. We would like to express our appreciation and thanks to Mr. Kundara for his trust and support in giving us the opportunity to teach his son and daughter both academically and character wise.

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